Majestic Royal
Shri Rudraji

Our Founder says “Bringing Happiness To Others Is My Personal Business”.


  • Monday - Friday

    8.00AM – 5.00PM

  • Saturday

    8.00AM – 3.00PM

  • Sunday


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RNS Life Center

Are you lonely?

Do you feel like you have no one you can count on?

Come to the RNS Life Center

As part of your RNS Life Club membership

You will have full access to the RNS Life Center & it's amenities.

We will be The Dependable Friend & Community Partner that everyone deserves to have.

  • You can come and meet new people, connect with others and see what wonders can happen.
  • Your whole life can change in an instant just by connecting with the right person and right tools.
  • You can come and relax and have some fun in our lounge area with games and snacks.
  • We will be hosting various social events as well such as movie night, networking gatherings, and much more.
  • There is no reason for anyone to be lonely. There are people all around us, we just have to make the connection to the right people.
  • We are providing a safe place for those connections to be made.

Universal Familyhood. And out of care for his brothers and sisters worldwide,

The Divine instructed him to launch this initiative to provide unconditional support for everyone regardless of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin, etc.

As long as you are a human being with good intentions then you are welcome to be part of our family.

  • The RNS Club, RNS Life Center and Rise-N-Shine Life Inc. does not provide any dating or dating related services.
  • The RNS Club, RNS Life Center and Rise-N-Shine Life Inc. does not provide any medical or emergency health care services.
  • Volunteers/employees of Rise-N-Shine Life Inc. (RNS Club/RNS Life Center) are required to file a meeting report with immediate management.
  • Any reports of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or sexual abuse will result in the immediate dismissal of volunteer, employee, or member(s) from the RNS Club including withdrawal from all of its services and being denied any and all access to any RNS Life Center.
  • For any life threatening or emergency situations local police or governmental authority will be notified immediately.
  • At this time no volunteer or employee is required to be a certified counselor or a certified therapist or a health professional.
  • No animals or pets will be allowed entry in the center.
You don't have to be Alone! You are a Precious Soul for us!

Let us be part of your life!

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